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Utagawa Kuniyoshi

In the Ruined Palace at Sôma, Masakado's Daughter Takiyasha Uses Sorcery to Gather Allies (Sôma no furudairi ni Masakado himegimi Takiyasha yôjutsu o motte mikata o atsumuru)

1798-1861 (Kansei 9th year-Bunhisa first year)
Ukiyo-e artist who was active in the late Edo period.
He is known as the Kuniyoshi samurai painting, leaving behind works such as the popular eighteen people.
He brought up many disciples such as Yoshinori Tsukioka, Kinsai Kawanabe and Yoshiyanagi Godan.

Born in Kanto 9th year in Edo Nihonbashi. The real name is clarified by Yoshisaburo Igusa and later Saburo Son.
He studied painting from an early age, and in the first years of culture, he copied various books of paintings by masters of Yama-Tokyo Den, Shigemasa Kitao, and the picture book samurai of Tsuyama Tsuyoshi and Tsutsumi Sasai (Masami Kitao).
Around the 5th year of culture, the Bodhi swords drawn by Kuniyoshi were caught in the eyes of the first Toyokuni Utagawa, and the following year he became a disciple.
The first cover is a cover and an illustration of the Safe Tadaomi, published around 11th year of Bunka.
Bunsei 8 years, Utagawa Toyokuni died
A large-format, popular folklore legendary masterpiece released in about 10 Bunsei hits and became a popular painter called Kuniyoshi Samurai.
In Tempo 13 the work was out of print due to Tempo reform. The following year, the Yoriko Gonzo genius monster figure caricatured in the shogunate was announced and gained popularity.
After Tengho Mizuno's loss of tempo 14 years, not only samurai paintings and caricatures, but also works using Western expressions, and later years Yokohama paintings were retained.
Bunhisa first year of death, 65 years old.

The representative works are the popular folk tales of Minamata, who were foolish people, geisha dressed under the cherry blossoms (Ota Memorial Museum of Art), bathing beauty figure (Ota Memorial Museum of Art), and two-piece comb flower standing figure ( Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art), Kaneiro (Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art), Kimono-Beauty Figure (Genoa Oriental Museum), Various Art Screens (Boston Museum of Art), etc.

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